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Alpha, we want to introduce you to someone whose life was changed thanks to your kindness in action...
By the time Justine was 11 years old, her legs were so bowed that her feet pointed behind her — until your mercy helped her receive the operation she desperately needed. After surgery with Mercy Ships, Justine's beaming smile says it all! Thank you for changing her life.
But Justine’s story is part of a bigger picture. Consider these facts about the desperate need for surgery around the world: (Source: The Lancet Commission)
FACT: Around the world, 5 billion people can’t get safe, affordable, timely surgery — two out of every three people will not be able to receive the surgery they need.
FACT: Each year, more than 17 million people die from conditions that could have been prevented by surgery — more deaths are caused by lack of surgery than tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and malaria combined.
FACT: In sub-Saharan Africa, over 95% of people don’t have access to surgery — meaning a person from Western Europe is 38 times more likely to have access to surgery.
Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of people in need. We are so grateful for your generosity!
We need your continued help in serving the people of Guinea and providing them with access to safe, free surgery.
Your compassion impacted Justine's life. Will you give an additional gift today to help us impact the lives of others just like her? Impact more lives TODAY @MercyShips @MercyShips MercyShips.org @MercyShips
Alpha , when others saw a problem, YOU saw a little girl with potential!
*Alpha, this **World Sight Day, we're celebrating how support from friends like you is saving and transforming lives like nine-year-old Monique! *Thanks to your kindness in action, Monique's childhood cataracts were removed and she was free to return to school!
*She used to sit at home in the darkness of her fading vision, praying that one day she could go back to school with her friends* — to play, learn, and grow without the fear of never seeing her future.
Even though her grandmother, Melone, diligently taught her from home, their family could never afford the surgery Monique desperately needed to correct her eyes. *Hope seemed distant ... until you came along. *
After hearing about Mercy Ships, Melone was thrilled for the chance to save her granddaughter's sight! *And thanks to your compassionate generosity, a 20-minute surgery on the Africa Mercy to remove Monique's cataracts changed more than just her vision — it changed her entire world. *
“I see everything!” Monique cried. “I see it all!” Monique now attends school with her friends, and she is excited to see everything the future holds!
Thank you for giving people like Monique and her family hope for the future through your support; it means more than we can say.* And for Monique and Melone, it means their lives have been changed forever, thanks to you. *
“Since she has had the surgery, everything is possible," Melone said. *"She has been given the gift of hope, which is a huge blessing to our lives.”*
*Thank you for transforming Monique's life and giving her the gift of sight! *There are more men, women, and children who need your continued help to receive life-changing and lifesaving surgeries. *This World Sight Day, will you join us
*Alpha , when others saw a problem, YOU saw a little girl with potential!*
*Alpha, when others saw a problem, YOU saw a little girl with potential!*
Most people didn’t get to know the real Esther.*They only looked at her leg. *At school, she was teased relentlessly, and Esther withdrew, feeling ashamed and outcast.
“She started to become distant and drew back from things that she normally would have jumped at,” recalled Mabel, Esther’s mother. “This made me sad...That’s not my girl. Esther is bright, fun, and loving.”
Mabel searched desperately for a solution to rickets — a vitamin deficiency that caused her daughter’s leg to soften and bend incorrectly under pressure. *Esther's windswept leg was robbing her of the joys of childhood, and threatening her future.*
*But, YOU saw past the problems — you saw a chance to answer prayers with your generosity and compassion!*
When Mabel heard about Mercy Ships, mother and daughter made their way to the *Africa Mercy*. *Hope was on the horizon for little Esther!*
*After successful surgery, it didn’t take long for Esther’s bright, bubbly personality to return *as she made friends and thrived in a loving and accepting environment.
Throughout her physical therapy sessions on the ship, Esther’s bones and confidence both grew stronger!
*“Now I have high hopes for her,”* shared Mabel. “She will be able to go back to school to get an education for a bright future. *She has so much more of her life ahead of her now*.”
Esther is so excited to go back to school without being ridiculed for looking different. And Mabel is overjoyed that her beautiful little girl is back to being herself.
*Esther's genuine smile says it all, and her newfound joy is contagious! We know that there are many more kids like Esther praying for their miracle as we arrive in Guinea, *and because of YOU, those prayers can get answered. Men, women, and children all over Guinea will have their lives forever transformed! Thank you!
*Alpha, we are so grateful for your partnership, your prayers, and your faithful support. *Any additional gift you make today

Child is sick and need medical attention please help and give him another chance to see the light


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Here are some the the foundation and organization we will support:
-Wounded warrior foundation
-Make-A-wish foundation
-American red cross
-United Sisters, GCUM, FPU, SL Cmmunity
-All community And more to come in the future
-All US communities and other countries around the world including (Africa)
Please join us so we all can share common ideas and make a difference.

Child is sick and need medical attention please help and give him another chance to see the light

Mamadou saliou Diallo

Child story

Mamadou Saliou was born in 2014 west Africa with this condition and as you can see on the image imagine a child living with this condition without medical attention, many children including adults are living with illnesses around the world without any help.

Please joins me and lets be a voices for these people son the world can be a better place because someone need to do it and the only way you need to be part of the program and change someone life.